Hemorrhoids Diagnosis

The diagnosis of Hemorrhoids can be performed by any family medical doctor in a matter of minutes. It normally consists from a quick visit to the GP office for a check for anal bleeding and abnormal fissures that appear around the anus. The doctor will ascertain using knowledge he gained from medical schools and from having done his practice in a public hospital whether the patient has hemorrhoids or not. Some patients might feel very uncomfortable given the nature of the medical examination but that is all part of a doctors every day routine so one shouldn't worry about it too much.

If the hemorrhoids are external the diagnosis will be done in a matter of seconds whilst if there is valid ground for suspicion that there are internal hemorrhoids then the doctor can order a proctoscopy. This really isn't a particularly pleasant process and it does come with some risks such as tearing of the anus walls which can lead to bleeding and infection. The doctor will use a recto scope, a tool similar to binoculars but designed for one's anus, and will delve into the inner sanctum of the client's anus. 

Its important at this point to mention the fact that there are 4 typical diagnosis that can some from such a meeting and they are:

No Hemorrhoids

This is a very good prognosis since the patient clearly isn't suffering from internal or external hemorrhoids and would do well to follow advise on good diet and remaining healthy and stress free thus to avoid getting them

Type 1 Hemorrhoids

Unfortunately all the diagnosis from type 1 to 4 are a sign that the patient does indeed suffer from hemorrhoids. First degree hemorrhoids are the smallest of them all and are to be found inside the anus

Type 2 Hemorrhoids

Second degree hemorrhoids are typically larger in diameter than those of first degree and can be both internal and external to the anus, mostly revealing themselves when one makes use of the bathroom. 

Type 3 Hemorrhoids

Third degree are even bigger in diameter and can be permanently outside the anus whilst retracting only when they are pushed back in

Type 4 Hemorrhoids
Lastly these are the worst kind of hemorrhoids permanently on the outside of the anus creating pain and bleeding to the area around the croch