Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids During PregnancyYour body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy. Aside from the weight you gain, the kicks you feel from your unborn, and a number of other differences you might also experience some pain and itching near your rectum. It might also cause some bleeding. This is caused from an inflamed mass of tissue. In appearance it might look like a large blister. You might feel more comfortable, as well as some relief, by having have this checked by your doctor; however, most likely these are signs of hemorrhoids. Although they can cause a lot of discomfort they are quite common during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be looked at as another form of varicose veins. They can be small or quite large in size. This happen since you have more blood circulating in your body during these nine months. Due to a number of changes the walls of the veins can soften. This can sometimes cause them to not function properly and even to collapse. During this time your uterus puts more pressure on the veins and this can result in the discomfort that hemorrhoids can cause. This can also result if you strain too much during a bowel movement.

You can sometimes prevent hemorrhoids from appearing during pregnancy by following some simple procedures. You can focus on eating a high fiber diet. This diet should also include a sufficient amount of fluids. This helps the body to be more regular. This reduces the amount of constipation. Another tip is to drink a cup of prune juice each day. This will also help to promote regular bowel movements. The goal of course is to prevent constipation which is one of the biggest causes of hemorrhoids.

You might also prevent the onset of hemorrhoids during pregnancy by using Kegel exercises. By performing these exercises on a regular basis you promote greater circulation in the rectal area as well as in the vaginal area. The Kegel exercises also help to strengthen the muscles that support the rectum. This helps to reduce the likelihood that you will develop hemorrhoids.

If you are not fortunate enough to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy then there are some remedies available. You might try taking a sitz bath. When you visit a drugstore or a major department store you can find the supplies you need for a sitz bath. The main result is that you soak your rectum in warm water. This will help relieve the pain you are experiencing.

Another remedy is to use an ice pack or a cold compress in the area where you are suffering pain. This can help not only to reduce the swelling but it will help minimize your pain. Another possibility is for you to consider using hemorrhoid pads. Usually these pads contain witch hazel. There are a number of similar products available but it is important for you to first check their ingredients. It is also wise to check with your doctor or your pharmacist to make certain the ingredients are safe for you to use. If not then you might suffer from irritation. Your doctor will inform you that most women have more sensitive skin during these nine months.

Another tip women should remember during their pregnancy is that they should gently wipe; otherwise you can inflate your skin and cause more irritation as well as bleeding. This might be a time to consider pre-moistioned cleansers or wipes. These offer a more gentle wipe than regular toilet paper.

Even if you develop hemorrhoids during your pregnancy you will find some relief in the fact that they will probably disappear soon after the birth of your baby.