Hemorrhoids Treatment

This blog is solely dedicated to the treament of hemorrhoids at home with natural remedies.

Get rid of hemorhoids once and for all using home remedies and avoiding doctor intervention with drugs and surgical procedures. Before we look into the potential remedies for hemorrhoids its important to understand what causing them and how they manifest themselves on the body. 

We'll begin by analyzing them into what they are. They are tiny little veins which are around the bottom of the anus. They are there to protect us when we pass stools through our anus and help along with the process. 

There are cases where hemorrhoids can cause irritation and symptoms however its not uncommon for them to remain symptom free for a very long period of time and flare up from time to time. This means taht many people dont know that they actually have hemorrhoids until they have a quick flare up which leads them to the pharmacy to buy creams and pills for it. 

So what are the main symptoms of hemorrhoids?

one might feel itchyness around the anal area and experience a general feeeling of unease when sititng down or wiping after the use of the toilet. Traces of blood can often be seen on the toilet paper. Other common cases include mucus discharge after passing stools and or blood on stools that have just been passed. The area will fel sore and cause discomfort when sitting down too fast or for long hours. In very extreme cases where one is unfortunate enought o suffer from type 4 hemorroids there might be visible eveidence of the hemoroids since this type is known to protrude outside the anus region.

What to do?

The best thing is to seek medical assistance from a qualified doctor or nurse, you can book an appointment with your gp or visit the local clinic to get some advice on how to best deal with it. There are a lot of different reason why one might have the above mentioned symptoms some of which could be indicators of much more serious conditions thus one shouldnt try to self diagnose or ignore them but seek medical advise at first opportunity.   If you live in th UK you can find medical centers near you in the NHS website. Book an appointent and see a doctor, upon arriving to the clinic expect the examination to be swift since it only involves a quick visual inspection around the affected area. In rare cases the doctors might order a rectoscopy.


What causes hemmorhoids?

There is no definite answer to this question since there is no set evidence of one certain cause but it can depend on a variety of dietary as well as lifelstyle factors. some of the main cotrnibutors to the problem are considered to be being overweight, having family history of hemmorhoids and having a diet that is low on fiber. 






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